Doing some personal training I met people with absolutely no idea of how to lose fat, how to gain muscle nor WHY you lose fat or gain muscle. Of course my role as a personal trainer was to educate them about it, as much as helping them know how to build a program tailor made for their goals.

One day, one of my clients came to me and asked how can I get perfect abs in a week? I rolled my eyes and started to smile as I first thought he was kidding. Then he asked me again, “I am not kidding, I would like to know how can I get perfect abs in a week? I have a photo shoot next Monday, and need to lose 10 pounds”…

You can imagine how I had to explain all from the beginning to that particular person. But he did not listen to my advices. He finally manage to lose 7 pounds in the week (mainly by starving himself) lost as much muscle as fat, so he was not looking better at all, screw the photo shoot and regain more weight two weeks after (not the result he was after, I guess 🙂

How can I get fast results on my abs? If you read some bodybuilding or fitness forums you may see this question posted very often. In fact, getting fast results on the abs is one of the top priorities of people beginning a weight loss program or a get in shape program.

If you never asked yourself how can I get fast results on my abs? then you may be one of a rare kind: People who have great abs without exercising. But these peoples are very rare and chances are you are more like me. Meaning you’ll have to workout smartly and with consistency to see your abs muscles… without mentioning dieting.